Interior design and decoration sector

Digital printing offers versatility, speed and originality in countless different applications

It shortens the launch time for new designs which leads to increased creativity and turnover.

On the one hand, the ease of creating designs on demand on a wide variety of supports opens up countless possibilities in the world of decoration. It couldn't be easier for interior designers and decorators to totally personalize their projects, even creating their own printing systems to produce their designs.

On the other, there is no need to produce long runs of the same design, allowing you to even more closely address the increasing demand for change and customization from both the end user and the distributors and retailers of textiles for interior decoration.

Digital printing has numerous application possibilities, including:

· Household articles such as curtains, upholstery, rugs, table linen, furniture, etc.
· The decoration of hotels, with the customization of furniture upholstery, pictures, informative notices, etc.
· Theatrical use, in the creation of stage sets on demand using a huge variety of supports for quick and easy adaptation of sets in situ, as well as creating personalized ambiences using different textures of materials.