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E-News 2013

The publication that features the main news stories during the lead-up to

Issue 03 - April 2013

· Image&Print World Congress: international experience looks ahead to new growth models
· Espacios Image&Print: knowledge, exchange and active participation between supply and demand
· Customization ¿ an emerging business option
· New applications in graphic communications
· Barcelona, the capital of printing and photography

News 03 (Spanish version only)

Issue 02 - February 2013

· An event marked by interactivity between new clients and new supply scenarios
· Image&Print World Congress:  international inspiration to transform graphic communication
· The firm commitment of graphic suppliers
· Francesc Hostench: "Crisis stimulates creation and the appearance of cheap alternatives buts limits experimentation"

News 02

Issue 01 - November 2012

· The combination of graphic values + the synergies of other sectors
· "At this time, it is essential to pay attention to changes in demand". Rafael Farrés, President of 2013
· Image & Print World. The new business models
· Image & Print Corner. Showcase for exhibitors
· + Sonimagfoto&Multimedia. Printing and image join forces and opportunities abound

News 01 2013

All the latest news on the show and the sector.

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