Sonimagfoto&Multimedia 2013

When printing and imaging join forces, opportunities spring up everywhere

When the digital photographic image has been captured, it's time for the photography and imaging sector processes to get to work in the graphic services, materials and finishes environment.

In 2013, graphispag_digital will coincide with Sonimagfoto&Multimedia, Spain's leading photography, imaging and multimedia technology sector trade show. Digital graphic technology enables new graphic products and services to be created and opens up business opportunities in the graphic and visual communication sector. Photo albums, large-format digital printing or photographic reproductions on multiple supports are just some of the most prominent areas.

The alliance was formed in 2011 when Sonimagfoto&Multimedia and Graphispag were held simultaneously, with joint attendance from over 80,000 visitors. Staging the two events together boosted an offer that was already complementary, furthering business and services synergies. The balance was very positive for the participating firms.

This year's Sonimagfoto&Multimedia will bring together products and services for image capture, storage, editing, processing and output; multimedia audio and video systems; accessories and consumables; studio and professional photographers' equipment; image services and photo-art. It will also have a major cultural, educational and technological dimension this year, with photography exhibitions shown for the first time, congresses, courses, workshops, conferences and multimedia demos for image field professionals and amateurs.

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